About Pragya Prakashan

Educational publisher of books for ICSE/CBSE affiliated schools, Pragya Prakshan is a publishing house of distinction established in 1993.

Pragya Prakshan believes that books used by children should make them curios and creative and cater to the three H’s(Head, Head & hands) and three E’s (Education, Edification & Enlightenment) of learning during their impressionable years. Hence, the books published by Pragya Prakshan are related to daily life, value based and activity-oriented, have a mark of their own.

Pragya Prakshan involves a number of practicing teachers of repute and long experience for their feed-back, opinions and suggestions before bringing out any book. This gives Pragya Prakshan an edge over others.

To make such idea a reality, Pragya Prakshan solicits your blessings and good wishes in their untiring efforts to fulfill a vision and a mission.

Though the privilege of selecting books for the pupils of your school Is entirely yours, the pleasure of serving you with our publications will exclusively be ours.

Pragya Prakshan Educational Publisher – “Today’s Book for Tomorrow’s Need”